Blend Textile


Driven by innovation and sustainability, Blend constantly adapts the newest methods and high technology at all production processes.

The scale of our business means we can make an important contribution to sustainable development in Turkey and internationally. Keeping sustainability as our guiding framework our efforts are to drive positive and lasting change in the textile industry. We cherish all our employees and business partners we serve and source from. We see our corporate community as a large family and believe in our quality so that our customers, suppliers and stakeholders continue to trust us.

Developing itself with innovation in order to ensure its place in the sector, following up on all global trends and technological developments and adapting to these trends and technologies through its continuous process with necessary production and management flexibility, Blend Textile is an innovative company embracing renewal as a fundamental company goal. Having established an in-suite team in response to this significant importance of innovation, We continuously develop projects to advance towards continuous improvement.

Blend in Fashion

We produce the finest apparel for our clients to supply them with the highest quality materials to be transformed into trendsetting designs for their customers all around the world.

Blend in Technic

We offer a vast variety of innovative designs made of different materials with the latest technologies and state-of-the-art manufacturing methods.

Our Culture

Dedicated to innovation Blend always tries to improve its activities in all factory processes. In respect to people and the environment, we embrace sustainability in order to leave a positive impact on future generations.