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style and comfort

Blend Textile

We create two major seasonal collections that forecast upcoming trends with sophistication, comfort and style that lasts.

We offer our clients excellent fabric quality and various optional accessories to form fashionable garments as we forecast upcoming trends. To meet the demands of our clients and provide bespoke solutions our dynamic design team is always in pursuit of fashion trends and collaborates with professional fashion designers. Our team works enthusiastically in fashion forecasting & market research to predict upcoming trends – colours, fabric textures and more – to spark customer demands.


Join us to transform the fashion industry

As an expert in the latest development techniques, our unique know-how and experience in all aspects of casual wear, workwear to semi-formal garments and activewear, offers a vast variety of solutions, complete with all the specifications and performance qualifications including special designs and colour variations.

  • Premium line
  • Fine basic line
  • Outdoor collections
  • Activewear collections
  • Workwear