Blend Textile


Growing with innovation

We believe that innovation is the leeway to lead in the market, and hence we continuously upgrade our products and maintain the best quality standards. Growing exponentially with innovation and modern technology.

We are the best solution partner in Europe with fast service and various quality options thanks to high-tech and constantly renewed machinery production-line.

Blend Textile acts with a vision of ‘NO COMPROMISE ON QUALITY’ applying it in each stage of production. Having been in service in the sectors of textile and garment industry, we keep up with the time through notable Research& Development work and innovation. Our remarkable investments in the Research & Development Department separates Blend Textile from its rivals, making it one of the most important establishment in both fashion and technical clothing.

We pride ourselves in:

  • High product quality
  • Innovative technologies
  • Quick sample & production turnaround
  • Delivery Reliability
  • Flexible production in 2-5 weeks

We pride ourselves in:

  • Combine our design capability with our production ability
  • Prompt our customers with new designs they require
  • Produce with environmentally friendly methods in a way that inspires new generations
  • Using our expert textile engineering skills for design and quality development techniques