Blend Textile


Proud to contribute to a sustainable future for the textile industry

We are aware of our current impact on the planet and we believe we should create a better tomorrow for future generations.

We care for the environment and we strongly believe in building a sustainable economy to provide a better future for all of us. We think the best way to ensure the prosperity of future generations is by protecting our precious resources – employees, environment, and community. Seeing the big picture for the textile industry we keep on working and solving problems of today and tomorrow for the sake of the next generations. We take seriously our responsibility to identify new methods to produce in more sustainable ways. We offer unique solutions that are both sustainable for the environment and community.

Speaking the language of sustainability

Today with millions of people living in poverty and the planet’s resources are scarce more than ever, our values help us drive positive change and to act in a rewarding way as a trusted partner for the fashion industry. As one of the greatest clothing producers in Turkey and a solution partner for global brands we truly believe we can make a real difference. For us, style, design and production have to speak the language of sustainability, helping to transform the fashion industry for better. For this reason, we determine our company goals and values by doing business economically, socially and environmentally sustainable as possible. For all processes, we use ethical product sourcing. We invest in human resources to ensure future sustainability and we work towards ensuring all aspects of our business to be safer for the environment. Over time innovative technologies and conservation practices will continue to evolve and redefine environmental sustainability and impacts while maintaining production capacity. To support sustainable development goals we implement sustainable solutions for all our processes.

Gender Equality
Decent Work And Economic Growth
Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
Responsible Consuption and Production