Blend Textile

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Activewear & Outdoor

We produce performance clothing with various properties and technical specifications. The innovative textiles and exclusive collections developed by our in-house R&D Centre have become the first choice for a large number of activewear and outdoor brands bringing us a global reputation as a manufacturing company of special apparel.


Engineered for everyday comfort and action

Dedicated to innovation, we develop next-generation clothing to provide the ultimate material that merges comfort and functionality in style. The innovative designs we produce are made of specific fabrics and offer the technical properties below:

  • Advanced Moisture Management
  • Efficient Air Permeability
  • Tough and Dynamic
  • Stable in Shape
  • Long-lasting Functionality


Feeling good at all times

On the move or at the office, from exercising to biking these unique clothings are specifically designed to feel comfartable daily life.

  • Ultra-Stretch
  • Lightweight
  • Feel Fresh
  • Breathable


Outdoor lifestyle has never been more comfortable

Superior thermal insulation channels provide natural warmth on a cold day and coolness in hot weather conditions. Flexible, durable and resistant to keep you going even in harsh environments at all times.

  • Thermal
  • Ultra-Resistant for different whether conditions
  • Compact Designs
  • Smooth & Special Handfeels
  • • State of the Art Finishing Technologies

High Visible

Safety requires more visibility

While working among mobile vehicles and/or with poor or insufficient lighting, our high visible clothes offer safety of high visibility as well as extra comfort. This innovative product presents all the necessities of EN 20471.

  • High visible yellow, orange and red
  • Sustainable with blends
  • Thermal comfort with advanced fiber Technologies
  • Certified by ISO 20471 fabrics & accesories


High-Quality Safety

Our ESD clothes are the best solution to prevent the risks due to uncontrolled release from static build-up. Ideally used in cleanrooms and for working with delicate electronic equipment.

  • Prevents uncontrolled release of static build-up
  • Keeps safe near to combustible fuels, gases, dust, etc.
  • Inherent ESD
  • Combinable with other properties: Fire retardancy, Hi-visibility, etc.
  • ISO 1149 – 1-3-5
  • IEC 61340

Industrial Laundry

Work clothes will always be forever new.

As a result of unique techniques, we present you a wide range of high-quality options. Perfect choice for hospitals, food processing companies, catering companies, hospitality services, etc.

  • Resistant to high-temperature multiple washes
  • Resistant to Chlorine
  • Durable
  • Long-lasting
  • Comfortable
  • Suitable for ISO 15797

Thermal Comfort

Our thermally comfortable workwear makes you feel cool and dry in the summer, warm and comfortable in the winter. Prevents heat stress and boost your Performance to the next level.

  • Breathable
  • Antibacterial
  • UV protection
  • Comfortable
  • Warmer or cooler effect
  • Quick dry
  • Prevents heat stress


Comfort, resistance, functionality and sustainability all at once

Our motto is creating high-performance products for people at work, with respect to nature. Our production processes are built on the most recent environmentally friendly techniques.

  • Repreve
  • Organic
  • Tencel
  • BCI
  • Eco made


Resistance by proven Technologies, take a closer look at our high tenacity, abrasion resistant advanced clothing.. Comfortable, long-lasting and multifunctional products with the perfect combination of natural fibres.

  • High tenacity
  • Strong
  • Comfortable
  • Soft-touch
  • Abrasion-resistant
  • Long-lasting